03 January 2011

Faizal Yusoff

past away on 01.01.2011
it's new year for 2011 and one more great actor past away because of a heart attack!
ex-husband to Siti Nordiana (a singer). poor Siti Nordiana because just few months ago, her bestfriend, Achik Spin past away in a car accident!
Faizal Yusoff, he is a great actor. one of the best i guess. the way he act to be a character is soo great because watak die hidup (eg: boyfriend to Lisa Surihani in Adamaya).
it was a shock to hear this news (sudden death). i know it from twitter (@MiaSaraNasuha) when i was eating with my family at Old Town White Coffee. so many young celebrities die. to me, it's quite scary but like always said "Allah lebih menyayangi mereka". we don't know when is our turn. you don't have to be old to die. gosh!
"bertaubat lah anda semua sebelum terlambat & sembahyang lah anda sebelum anda disembahyangkan..."

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