29 December 2010

Guy Sebastian

he is the first Australian Idol winner. his songs are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! love listening to it. his first own song (nyanyi msa last episode of Australian Idol dlu) was Angle Brought Me Here. i loike. y'allsz should listen to this 'guy' singing. hehe.
fyi, he was born here in Malaysia! yup, that's right, he is one of us people. just that he grows up in Australia i guess. well don't need to get into his profile and all. just check him out (if lagu die masih ade in youtube or any other webby). he's not so famous here but still he is in Australia. seriously, i used to lovvvvveeeee this 'guy'. hehe. i did actually vote for him back then =)
so go on...search his name and listen to the songs aite..y'allsz gonna love it just like i do.

RATE : 10

Eimans Tomyam House

it's located in TTDI, Shah Alam.
went to this restaurant twice. once was with my friends (back in those 'bujang' days..haha) and the other was with my family. i've tried some of the food here. it's quite nice. once i ordered Nasi Goreng USA and Teh Ais. mmmmm~ yummy~ hehe. i was hungry back then (kebuluran lerr).love the drinks, not so sweet. just nice =)
tip says that they cooked not exactly what he expected (benda yg pedas jd xpedas..hurmm). i was okay with it. the thing that i find interesting and very yummy is their Nasi Goreng Pattaya. it serve with Daging or Ayam (xingat paprik or msk merah). the presentation of this nasi goreng is soooooo good (make the food looks soo delicious). well, it does taste good. lol.
nothing much i can say anymore. lapar sudahhhh~ hehe. whenever y'allsz in Shah Alam, go and check this place out aite. the food here boleh tahan gak. so enjoyyyy~

RATE : 8

27 December 2010

ABC Special

this ABC is my favourite! love it coz it got a chocolate topping and nuts on top of it. mmmm~ yummyyyy~ (menetesssss~) hahaha. anyways, y'allsz can find this ABC in JB. the name of the shop is 'Awiet Corner'. it is located at Larkin Bomba (the locals will say: "alaaaa, dkt bomba"..haha).
customers always ask for this ABC (seriously..laku beb). people will come in groups just to have this ABC. great huh?! if y'allsz wanna go there & taste this ABC, make sure y'allsz sit at the table near the shop. if not, you won't be able to order cz there are other shops that sell ABC (tp kdai ni nye lg sedappppp~ so tkt nti kdai lain mrh ler duk kt kdai dorg tp order kt tmpt lain..haha..bankrup ler nti..kang bgado plak..y lah org kata nti kedai 'Awiet Corner' ni curik customer dorg..hahaha..competition dowhhhh~).
check out this ABC Special if you're in JB. chowzzzz~

RATE : 10 

25 December 2010


a great singer. she may not be famous here in Malaysia but she is famous in YOUTUBE. love all her songs. she also have covered songs (lagu org lain die nyanyi blk). believe it or not, she is a friend to a friend of mine. haha. met this singer once at my friend's openhouse. she's also pretty =) seriously. J'Lostein have her own style in fashion. sometimes she pretend that she have a twin (one with black hair & the other with a white hair). the way she sing all her songs are soo cool. don't have much to say. check her out in YOUTUBE aite y'allsz.

RATE : 9

Maher Zain

this man is a great singer! nyanyi lagu-lagu muslim in english. love it. i've always listen to his songs. when i was listening to it, it touches my heart coz the words in his lyrics are so powerful (sangat bagus okeyyy). sometimes when i am down cz of something i will always listen to the song call 'INSYAALLAH' cz that song always reminds me that Allah is with me all the time and we all should thank HIM for life and that there is nothing impossible as long as we remmber Allah (sembahyang & berdoa).
y'allsz out there should buy his cd and listen to the songs. mama dh beli dh (original taw...hehe). it's worth it even if you download it in the internet. jgn lah kite asyik dengar lagu-lagu yg hanya utk suka ria jek. orytee bebeh. chowszzz.

RATE : 10

Tron Legacy

again, watched this movie at GSC Alamanda, Putrajaya (xde tempat lain kn? haha) on 22 December 2010. went on a double date. i was with hubby and the other couple were Tip (my lil bro) & Lala (his current gf). it was a great night coz i got to spend some time with my lil bro after a long time. at least get to know his girlfriend. haha.
enough of that, here are some this and that about this movie...

hubby's opinion, he said there was not much action in it. huh?! well, to me it was okay. this movie is about a game called TRON LEGACY (an arcade game). a kid's father is the one who invnted the game and turn it into reality in the other world (the grid). the father was found missing for a few years then the son discovered the 'grid' world. the father has invnted a clone of himself called CLU. they were suppose to work together but then CLU becomes evil (actually die cm nk maju kan tempat tu tp die jd jahat lorhh..bengong jek).
it's a great movie for everyone to watch especially to those who love to play games. kids who love to imagine stuff should also watch this movie (when games becomes reality..scary gak..haha). it's worth it if you go and watch it at the cinema.

RATE : 7

The Social Network

watched this movie on 7 December 2010. went to see it with hubby & my siblings (abaik, k.ya, tip) at GSC in Alamanda, Putrajaya. it's the closest cinema near mama's.
here some this and that about this movie, based on my opinion...

this movie is about a very young boy who get rich at a very young age. you know why? well, let me tell you, this kid is the person who invnted FACEBOOK (laman web yg y'allsz guna skunk ni). he is so intelligent (wish i'm like him with those kinda brain..haha). this kid do things and get helped from his friends but in the end he is all alone. they said he is a liar and he took some other people's ideas.
well, we don't know that for sure coz duhhh this is a movie. anyone can make any movies. haha. at first i don't really understand this movie coz i was like all bluurrrrr~ (bengong kn? haha) in the end i did focus (kinda..hehe). so to be frank with you, i don't really have a great opinion about this movie. if y'allsz would like to know how facebook is 'THE THING' nowadays, go and watch this movie (make sure dgn diri yg fresh otherwise you won't understand it coz you'll have no focus..sleepy maybe..haha).

RATE : 5