27 December 2010

ABC Special

this ABC is my favourite! love it coz it got a chocolate topping and nuts on top of it. mmmm~ yummyyyy~ (menetesssss~) hahaha. anyways, y'allsz can find this ABC in JB. the name of the shop is 'Awiet Corner'. it is located at Larkin Bomba (the locals will say: "alaaaa, dkt bomba"..haha).
customers always ask for this ABC (seriously..laku beb). people will come in groups just to have this ABC. great huh?! if y'allsz wanna go there & taste this ABC, make sure y'allsz sit at the table near the shop. if not, you won't be able to order cz there are other shops that sell ABC (tp kdai ni nye lg sedappppp~ so tkt nti kdai lain mrh ler duk kt kdai dorg tp order kt tmpt lain..haha..bankrup ler nti..kang bgado plak..y lah org kata nti kedai 'Awiet Corner' ni curik customer dorg..hahaha..competition dowhhhh~).
check out this ABC Special if you're in JB. chowzzzz~

RATE : 10 

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