29 December 2010

Eimans Tomyam House

it's located in TTDI, Shah Alam.
went to this restaurant twice. once was with my friends (back in those 'bujang' days..haha) and the other was with my family. i've tried some of the food here. it's quite nice. once i ordered Nasi Goreng USA and Teh Ais. mmmmm~ yummy~ hehe. i was hungry back then (kebuluran lerr).love the drinks, not so sweet. just nice =)
tip says that they cooked not exactly what he expected (benda yg pedas jd xpedas..hurmm). i was okay with it. the thing that i find interesting and very yummy is their Nasi Goreng Pattaya. it serve with Daging or Ayam (xingat paprik or msk merah). the presentation of this nasi goreng is soooooo good (make the food looks soo delicious). well, it does taste good. lol.
nothing much i can say anymore. lapar sudahhhh~ hehe. whenever y'allsz in Shah Alam, go and check this place out aite. the food here boleh tahan gak. so enjoyyyy~

RATE : 8

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