29 December 2010

Guy Sebastian

he is the first Australian Idol winner. his songs are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! love listening to it. his first own song (nyanyi msa last episode of Australian Idol dlu) was Angle Brought Me Here. i loike. y'allsz should listen to this 'guy' singing. hehe.
fyi, he was born here in Malaysia! yup, that's right, he is one of us people. just that he grows up in Australia i guess. well don't need to get into his profile and all. just check him out (if lagu die masih ade in youtube or any other webby). he's not so famous here but still he is in Australia. seriously, i used to lovvvvveeeee this 'guy'. hehe. i did actually vote for him back then =)
so go on...search his name and listen to the songs aite..y'allsz gonna love it just like i do.

RATE : 10

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